DIFFA Dining by Design - Sunbrella 体验
DIFFA Dining By Design

DIFFA Dining By Design

Sunbrella at DIFFA Dining By Design

Imagine a fantasy dinner party where elegance and whimsy are the order of the evening and society’s most intriguing figures enjoy laughter and conversation well into the night. This fantasy will come to life at DIFFA’s Dining by Design as textile designer/manufacturer Sunbrella® taps Peter Pennoyer Architects to create a sophisticated setting for the ultimate dinner party.

An award-winning architecture firm known for their contemporary reinterpretations of classical designs, Peter Pennoyer Architects is a natural to envision this charming affair.

“Every one of our projects is a convergence of scholarship and creative invention,” says Peter Pennoyer, principal. “Following suit, our Dining by Design tablescape combines the fascinating with highend, high-performance Sunbrella fabrics for an inventive, imaginative space.”

Sunbrella’s tablescape is a place for artists, thinkers and innovators to engage in colorful conversation in a collaborative and inspiring environment. Luxurious Sunbrella fabrics and trim will be used to articulate the interior architecture of the formal dining room. Peter Pennoyer Architects also will showcase designs from Frances Palmer Pottery, Remains Lighting, Lowe Hardware and Richard Ginori 1735 to create a richly layered space.

Dining by Design is DIFFA’s marquee event showcasing designers, manufacturers and creative individuals who bring their vision and passion to the table. Dining by Design runs March 22–26 in conjunction with the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York City. DIFFA’s mission is to raise awareness and grant funds to organizations for AIDS treatment, care and education. To learn more about Dining by Design, visit diffa.org.

Sunbrella at DIFFA Dining By Design

“Every one of our projects is a convergence of scholarship and creative invention.”

Peter Pennoyer

 Angle shot of the Sunbrella + Peter Pennoyer Architects tablescape at DIFFA's Dining by Design event, featuring a fantasy dinner party theme.
Close-up of a sophisticated place setting at the fantasy dinner-themed tablescape design by Peter Pennoyer Architects, hosted by Sunbrella for DIFFA's Dining by Design event.
Close-up of the embroidered back of a chair slipcover at DIFFA's Dining by Design event, designed by Peter Pennoyer Architects and hosted by Sunbrella.
Wide shot of the fantasy dinner-themed tablescape from DIFFA's Dining by Design, a collaboration between Sunbrella and Peter Pennoyer Architects.